Wonder Wall | Decorating Services in Brisbane.
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Wonder Wall can give your home a unique and inspired feel.


With over 28 year’s experience in the decorating industry, Wonder Wall is Brisbane’s premier specialist decorating company.

Company director Will Crockett trained in Italy and London, and with work featured around the world, Wonder Wall can give your home a unique and inspired feel.

We pride ourselves on being reliable, professional and adding value to your home. We love to let our work speak for itself. Check out our gallery and get in contact to find out how we can redesign your living space.

Venetian Stucco Plaster

Venetian Stucco Plaster is created using fine slaked lime and marble flour mixed with coloured pigments, worked with special trowls and spatulas to achieve a beautiful glossy smooth and compacted surface.

Marmorino Stucco Plaster

Marmorino is created by a mix of lime putty and marble dust, fine aggregates mixed with compatible pigments, then worked with stainless steel trowls to produce a low sheen luster of worn marble.

Hand Painted Finishes

When it comes to hand painted finishes, your vision for your space is limitless as it can be applied to almost any surface.  Examples are feature walls, furniture, garden features and kitchen doors.