Wonder Wall | Hand Painted Finishes | Decorating Services Brisbane
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Hand Painted Finishes | Decorating Services Brisbane

Wonderwall offers the Decorating Services in Brisbane.


We help you design your living spaces and create functional art opportunities so you can do more at home. Our Decorating Services in Brisbane includes Hand Painted Finishes and Customize Art Designs for architectural homes and commercial offices too. We invite you to share your creative concepts and explore our Decorating Services in Brisbane. We ensure you will enjoy the limitless possibilities we can create for your home.


For the Hand Painted Finishes, we employ creative art strategies to produce unique effects on your wall, doors, and any space. We can implement them on your living area, dining area, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or garden. We utilize techniques such as marbling, graining, colour washing, staining, waxing, de-stressing, lacquering, varnishing, and many others. We experiment on various colours to create the look you want for your home or office.


We have a team of expert Home Decorators to execute the plans you have and research on developments so we can utilize the best resources in the industry. If you know specific art skills, we are willing to work with you and see how we can make things beautiful together. We accept customized projects for homes with specific art themes. We also accept renovation projects for traditional homes or space-challenged studio apartments.


Let’s brighten up your home today. Call Wonderwall at 0435 451799 for a free home design consultation. You may send email at wonderdec1@gmail.com for inquiries and booking. Our friendly staff will respond to your concerns as soon as possible.


To view examples of this work, please visit our Project Gallery.