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Will Crockett Artisan in Italian Polished Plaster


I provide a specialist decorating service creating unique effects and finishes using lime based plasters imported from Italy.  With over 28 years experience working in Australia, London, France, Channel Islands and Cairo.  I trained in Italy and London being awarded best advanced craft level apprentice in 1989 with City & Guilds of London Institute.  My work has featured in the following magazines; Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom August 2004, Rooms Rooms Rooms November 2004, Utopia Kitchens and Bathrooms August 2008 and Beautiful Kitchens May 2010.


From a young age I loved to create. It all started with painting my toy cars and playing with my father’s plaster, mortar mixes and cement dyes in his wheelbarrow.  After collage I built a successful business in specialist decorating with clientele ranging from kitchen installation companies through to celebrities. I found my niche in specialist paint and plaster finishes, and wallpaper hanging. Examples of this work include creating faux slate, stone and marble with paint and plaster to create a matching finish with the clients existing floors, walls and furnishings.


My work is about creating a visual experience, exploring the colour, texture and luminosity of the hand crafted polished plaster finish that gives unique oscillating depths enveloping the viewers senses.  I will help you create the wow factor by inspiring and guiding you in your exploration of what is possible for a unique ambiance in your space.  I achieve this by working with the themes and styles you already have, with your vision, with what is in vogue or by creating an original piece just for you.


We pride ourselves on being reliable and professional in our service in providing unique effects and finishes tailored to your specific requirements.


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