Wonder Wall | Venetian Stucco Plaster | Quality Venetian Plaster Brisbane
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Venetian Stucco Plaster | Quality Venetian Plaster Brisbane

Why settle on a plain hue when you can make a creative effect out of it?


If you are not contented with plain colour paint on your room, try our Quality Venetian Plaster in Brisbane. We offer unique wall décor that makes your room look like a celebrity’s. Each project is hand-laboured so you get an original masterpiece from our Interior Wall Experts. Venture on the possibilities we can create and come home like a millionaire.


Wonderwall’s Quality Venetian Plaster in Brisbane is crafted using fine materials such as marble flour with coloured pigments, slaked lime, choice trowls and spatulas. Our qualified Interior Home Decorators employ reliable tools to produce the desired effects. We make sure the surfaces are smooth and glossy so you can let your kids play near it. We can make rough surfaces too for challenging home designs. Overall, Quality Venetian Plaster in Brisbane are durable, easy to clean, or requires no cleaning at all.


We have crafted various designs and we are open for creative ideas for your home or office. You can check our gallery to view inspirations for your living spaces. We mix and match colours or unify hues in your rooms to project an art theme. We innovate designs to cope with your design preference. Should you need to redesign or renovate your space, we are glad to embark on that project.


Call  0435 451799 or send email at wonderdec1@gmail.com for a free Venetian Plaster design consultation for your home or office. Our friendly staff will help you choose the right interior motif for your home and the matching Venetian Plaster effect to achieve the art theme you want. We work within your dateline so you can maximize time and resources in your office or home. Consider Wonderwall for your renovation project and see how exciting it is to come home.


To view examples of this work, please visit our Project Gallery.