Wonder Wall | Marmorino Stucco Plaster | Stucco Plaster Specialist Brisbane
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Marmorino Stucco Plaster | Stucco Plaster Specialist Brisbane

Wonderwall is known for its creative and unique wall designs that have stood the test of time and weather conditions. Wonderwall’s Stucco Plaster Design is one of the masterpieces we have created for our clients. View our gallery and see how we have made simple spaces into extraordinary ones. Try a Marmorino Stucco Plaster design for your wall and feel the positive aura it projects into your living area.


The Marmorino Stucco Plaster is crafted using high grade lime putty, marble dust, and choice pigments. We utilize high grade stainless steel trowls to produce an exquisite marble effect. The stucco plaster is highly durable and is low maintenance. You can enjoy it for years without spending much on cleaning materials.


Our Marmorino Stucco Plaster Specialist in Brisbane has years of experience in delineating the perfect style for your room. We listen carefully to your vision and outline possible styles for your spaces. We chart a final layout of the design and we guide you the process and resources needed to complete the project. We have reasonable prices for our design services so you get optimum value for your home or office renovation investment.


Wonderwall’s Stucco Plaster Specialist in Brisbane is available for consultation so you can chart the date and budget for your next home design project. We are ready to discuss with you the options and styles available even for your studio apartment or narrow spaces. We accept customize projects for office spaces or boutiques. We also do renovation for traditional homes either for preserving it or transforming it into a contemporary-looking one.


Feel free to call 0435 451799 to start a lively conversation with our Stucco Plaster Specialist in Brisbane or send email at wonderdec1@gmail.com to request for quote. You can also send queries at our online form here.

To view examples of this work, please visit our Project Gallery.